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600DB Mr Deburr, plus STARTER KIT for STEEL Parts, with Ceramic Media and Heavy Duty Cleaner Compound

Mr Deburr

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What will I get?

    • Machine
        • Mr. Deburr 600DB Machine
        • Complete Fluid System (Pump, Hosing, Fittings & 7 Gallon Bucket).
        • Sound Reduction Lid.
        • Anchor Bolts.
    • Starter Kit for Steel (Hard Steel Parts)
        • Media for All Hard Steel Parts.
        • Compounding Solution for All Hard Steel Parts.
        • One Year WARRANTYAll parts are line replaceable.

    How many parts can I run at a time? 

      • Fully loaded, one batch of parts, is approximately equal to the number of parts you can fit into a 5 gallon bucket.

    How big will my Mr. Deburr 600DB machine be? 

      • Inside tank dimensions: Length 35" x Depth 18.75" x Width 18".
      • 5" round discharge door that is held in place with a quick release clamp for easy parts separation or media changes.
      • Shipping Weight: 750 lbs.

    What size motor will my 600db have & what Voltages can I get it in? 

      • 3 HP / 3 Phase / 208-240 AC Volts / 8 Amps @ 60 hertz.
      • 3 HP / 3 Phase / 460-480 AC Volts / 4 Amps @ 60 hertz.
      • 3 HP / 1 Phase / 220-240 AC Volts / 17 Amps @ 60 hertz. NOTE: Single phase requires a special transformer upgrade.

    What are some of the Key Features I'll receive? 

      • Constructed of heavy gauge steel for long life.
      • Tanks are 5/8" lined with high quality Hot Poured, Uniroyal Polyurethane, that is Oven Cured.
      • Simple reliable design, that will give you years of trouble free service.
      • Thousands sold.  

    Will my Mr. Deburr come with a WARRANTY? 

      • C&M Topline Inc. manufactures Mr. Deburr machines in the United States. All parts come with a full One Year WARRANTY. All component parts are line-replaceable. 

    Which Media will I use for my Steel Parts?  

      • 400 pounds of ceramic media 7/8 x 3/8 ACTS SF.
      • 22 Degree Angle Cut Tri-Stars (ACTS).
      • (SF) super fast, good cutting and good life.
      • This is a more aggressive media that will give good burr removal and good media life.
      • It's used on all steels.
      • Metal finishing.
      • This is most widely used formulation.

    Which Compounding Solution will I use for my Steel Parts?

      • 5 gallons (concentrate) of Heavy Duty Compound Solution. Add 2 ounces, per gallon or water.
      • Excellent cleaner for heavier oils.
      • Works equally well on ceramic or plastic media.
      • Blended with inhibitors to help control the rusting problem on ferrous metal.
      • Designed primarily for steel applications.
      • Manufacturer recommends 1-4oz per gallon. Most people use the 1 cup per bucket measuring method.  
      • VF-100 MSDS Sheet.
    Optional equipment and supplies are available.



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    What type of Lead Time am I looking at?

      • Delivery: We keep these in Stock and can typically wire your machine, to your Voltage needs, and ship within one business day. The only time we're out of Stock, is if there's an unforeseen surge in Customer Orders. If this happens, lead time will be dependent on the surge. 




      Mr Deburr 300DB & Mr Deburr 600DB Vibratory Finishing Machines




      Mr Deburr 300DB Vibratory Finishing Machine




      C&M Topline Media & Liquid Compounds


      mr deburr operating manual - models 600db and 300db

      Operating Manual

      Mr Deburr Models 600DB and 300DB

      Mr Deburr 600DB Rectangular Vibratory Finishing Tank

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