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300DB Mr Deburr, plus STARTER KIT for ALUMINUM Parts, plus STARTER KIT for STEEL Parts

Mr Deburr

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mr deburr 300db steel aluminum videos                                                  $4,710



giant finishing inc

What will I get?

    • Machine
        • Mr. Deburr 300DB Machine
        • Complete Fluid System (Pump, Hosing, Fittings & 7 Gallon Bucket).
        • Sound Reduction Lid.
        • Anchor Bolts (3/8" Dia. x 1-7/8" Long).
    • Starter Kit for Aluminum (Aluminum & Soft Metal Parts)
        • Media for Aluminum & Soft Metal Parts.
        • Compounding Solution for Aluminum & Soft Metal Parts (concentrate).
    • Starter Kit for Steel (Hard Steel Parts)
        • Media for All Hard Steel Parts.
        • Compounding Solution for All Hard Steel Parts (concentrate).
        • One Year WARRANTYFor details, see MFG website.

How many parts can I run at a time? 

    • Fully loaded, one batch of parts, is approximately equal to the number of parts you can fit into a 3 1/2 gallon bucket.

How big will my Mr. Deburr be? 

    • Inside tank dimensions: Length 31" x Depth 13" x Width 13.5".
    • 5" round discharge door that is held in place with a quick release clamp for easy parts separation or media changes.
    • Shipping Weight: 400 lbs.

What size motor will my 300db have & what Voltage will it need? 

    • Motor: 3/4 HP (Service Factor Rating: Greater than 1 HP).
    • Standard Motor: Dual Voltage Motor (Free):
        • United States Voltage - Single Phase 110 Volts / 12 Amps @ 60 Hertz.
        • United States Voltage - Single Phase 220 Volts / 6.2 Amps @ 60 Hertz.
    • Special Motor (Upgrade Fee Required):
        • European Voltage - Single Phase 220 Volts / 6.2 Amps @ 50 Hertz.

What are some of the Key Features I'll receive? 

    • Constructed of heavy gauge steel for long life.
    • Tanks are 1/2"-5/8" lined with high quality Hot Poured, Uniroyal Polyurethane, that is Oven Cured.
    • Simple reliable design, that will give you years of trouble free service.
    • Thousands sold.  

Will my Mr. Deburr come with a WARRANTY? 

    • C&M Topline Inc. manufactures Mr. Deburr machines in the United States. All parts come with a full One Year WARRANTY. All component parts are line-replaceable. 

Which Media will I use for my Aluminum & Soft Metal Parts? 

    • 100 pounds of plastic media 1" x 3/4" or 1" x 1-1/2" Wedge X.
    • (X) general purpose plastic media.
    • This is an excellent general purpose media.
    • Used for most aluminum alloys especially 6061-T6.
    • It will produce fast burr removal, yet has good media life.
    • COVID 19 NOTE: Media shipments are being affected by the response to Covid 19. The factory may need to substitute the standard plastic media, with either a similar sized plastic or synthetic media.

Which Compounding Solution will I use for my Aluminum & Soft Metal Parts? 

    • 5 gallons (concentrate) of General Purpose Cleaner Compound Solution. Add 2 ounces, per gallon or water.
    • A unique blend of quality raw materials that has proven to be an excellent compound for controlling the white foam residue that plagues most users of plastic or UF resin bonded media. This works equally well on all metal and plastics. Designed primarily for aluminum alloys. A rust inhibitor may need to be added when used with steel.
    • VF-77T MSDS Sheets.

Which Media will I use for my Steel Parts?  

    • 150 pounds of ceramic media 7/8 x 3/8 ACTS SF.
    • 22 Degree Angle Cut Tri-Stars (ACTS).
    • (SF) super fast, good cutting and good life.
    • This is a more aggressive media that will give good burr removal and good media life.
    • It's used on all steels.
    • Metal finishing.
    • This is most widely used formulation.

Which Compounding Solution will I use for my Steel Parts?

    • 5 gallons (concentrate) of Heavy Duty Compound Solution. Add 2 ounces, per gallon or water.
    • Excellent cleaner for heavier oils.
    • Works equally well on ceramic or plastic media.
    • Blended with inhibitors to help control the rusting problem on ferrous metal.
    • Designed primarily for steel applications.
    • VF-100 MSDS Sheet.
 Optional equipment and supplies are available.



candm topline inc

What type of Lead Time am I looking at?

    • Standard Delivery: We typically keep these in Stock and can ship same day or next day. The only time we're out of Stock, is if there's an unforeseen surge in Customer Orders. If this happens, lead time will be dependent on the surge.




    Mr Deburr 300DB & Mr Deburr 600DB Vibratory Finishing Machines




    Mr Deburr 300DB Vibratory Finishing Machine




    C&M Topline Media & Liquid Compounds


    Mr Deburr Operating Manual - Models 600DB and 300DB

    Operating Manual

    Mr Deburr Models 600DB and 300DB

    Mr Deburr 300DB Vibratory Finishing Tank, plus STARTER KIT for ALUMINUM Parts, plus STARTER KIT for STEEL Parts

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    Glenn H.
    United States United States

    Rugged machine

    Solid built machine, I got the divider so I could run 2 media's at the same time. Only gripe is the machine does not come with a switch for the motor so I had to make a switch box with a duplex outlet so I can run the water recirc pump and machine The original pallet got damaged in transit and was placed on top of a good pallet with the machine sitting at an angle 300DB Mr Deburr, plus STARTER KIT for ALUMINUM Parts, plus STARTER KIT for STEEL Parts Review

    Hello Glenn, We try to offer everything people want, but don't automatically make everyone / work shop purchase every option we offer. We allow people to select the V-104 Timer if they want it. The Timer has a switch and Dual Outlet integrated into it. If they don't want it, we allow them not to have to purchase it. We leave the choice up to the individual. If you find that you don't like your current setup, or find you want a timer to control your machine, you can add it at anytime down the road. It can easily be added at any time. The machine doesn't have to be pre-wired or anything. You just mount the timer, plug it in to your 110 Volt power source. Then just plug your Mr. Deburr 300db and Circulation Pump into the V-104 Timer and you're ready to run. Best Regards Bill

    Bobby W.
    United States

    Works great!

    Thanks Bill. Everything works as it should. Great recommendation on media. Could not be happier.

    Brannon V.

    Excellent deburring and polishing solution

    Very nice setup compared to my old tumbler. Fast setup and is noticably quieter than the old machine. Very easy media change and also allows for split media at the same time. Wish the timer and split media divider was included in the kit, but both are readily available and should be purchased as it makes things easier.

    JERRY L.
    United States

    Excellent deburring machine

    Very nice setup compared to my old 90's tumbler. Fast setup and is noticably quieter than the old machine. Very easy media change and also allows for split media at the same time.

    Gary T.
    United States

    Excellent service

    The machine worked well. very quiet. Love it.

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