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Vibratory Tumbler Media

At AccuBrass, we offer the most top-of-the-line finishing equipment in the industry, including high-quality vibratory tumbler liquid. These products effectively clean, polish, and deburr unfinished parts to promote consistent operation for your machinery. You’ll find diverse shapes, sizes, and finishing options, such as light polish, light cut, medium cut, fast cut, super fast cut, and more. With these diverse choices, you’re sure to find the finishing media that you need.

When choosing vibratory polishing media, you should consider the size, shape, and fabrication material of the part you’re working with. Vibratory tumbling media should be small enough that it’s effective on the part’s fine details but large enough that it won’t become lodged into any holes or openings. If you have any questions about which vibratory tumbler media is best for your application, contact us for guidance and assistance.