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Commercial Rock Tumblers & Polishers

If your small business works with rocks, stones, gems, or other similar materials, a smooth finish is crucial for customer satisfaction. Whether for aesthetics or functionality, a commercial rock tumbler or vibratory rock polisher can majorly benefit your process. These machines work hard to save time and improve efficiency, so your business can be as successful as possible.

The Benefits of Machine Polishing Rocks, Stones, & Gems

Finishing machines and equipment allow you to automate crucial steps in your operation. Not only is this a time-saver, but it also frees up staff for other tasks. You’ll also find that using specialized equipment to polish rocks or stones can give you greater consistency in your final product. A dependable product keeps customers satisfied time and time again. Because you’ll invest less time hand finishing your products, you can also build up a sizable inventory, which helps you ship orders to customers much faster.

The benefit of adding a commercial rock tumbler or vibratory polisher is clear, but it can be a challenge to decide which machine suits your needs.

Tumbling vs. Vibrating Equipment for Rock Applications

Rotary tumblers will rotate your rocks with various types of media to help you get the finish you desire. Vibratory equipment does not rotate—instead, it vibrates the rocks with the media inside a bowl or tank. With a rotary tumbler, you can often get a smoother finish on your rocks, but it may take substantially longer than using a vibratory machine. Both types can polish rocks effectively, so the one you choose will depend largely on your specific needs. You may even wish to invest in both so that you have the appropriate machine on hand to tackle each stage of the finishing process.

Whether you’re looking for rotary rock tumblers or vibratory rock polishers, we can help you find the right equipment at AccuBrass. Shop our online selection and let us know if you have any questions.