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Why Your Industry Can Benefit from Vibratory Finishing Tools

Posted by Bill Wright on

The United States is the world’s largest manufacturer, and it produces 18.2% of all goods in the world. Vibratory deburring machines are important finishing tools in many of these manufacturing industries. While mainly used for metals, even plastics, and in some instances wooden parts, can be deburred. When it comes to finishing metal components, vibratory deburring tools have benefits that other deburring options do not. It can be used to deburr, burnish, and descale components after they have been manufactured. This helps remove any imperfections and give them a clean and smooth finish.

The Vibratory Finishing Process

In order to achieve the perfect finish, vibratory finishing tools utilize abrasive media. This involves both the media and parts being added to the machine, while a revolving weight causes the tub to vibrate and shake. This shaking causes the abrasive material to grind against the components, polishing them until a smooth and uniform finish is achieved. Because of this, vibratory finishing tools are perfect for both large and small batches, and it allows for the finishing of even delicate or sensitive parts. This is because all impacts from the abrasive material are equal, reducing the chance of damage or deformation.

Vibratory finishing tools are also easy to use and can be used to create an array of various coatings on parts. The resulting finish can be controlled by changing the amplitude and the frequency that the machine is set to. This control allows manufacturers a greater level of finishing control than other options can offer. The standard wavelength can range anywhere from 800 to 3,800 CPM.

Vibratory Finishing Equipment

A couple of the most common types of vibratory finishing equipment include:

  • Bowl Finishers:
    Bowl finishers, as you may suspect, appear in a bowl shape and are typically used for smoothing and deburring larger quantities of small to medium-sized parts.
  • Tub Finishers:
    Tub finishers are used for larger parts and larger quantities of parts. These can be found in rectangle shapes and many are split into different chambers. This allows for a more synchronized approach to finishing, or for different stages in the finishing process.
  • Ongoing Finishing:
    Ongoing finishing is the largest type of vibratory finishing tool available. Made specifically to process large quantities in a continuous, assembly-line system, they can be easily incorporated into current systems to help streamline the process and improve overall productivity.

Vibratory finishing tools can be found throughout many different manufacturing industries, and they can provide a level of customization and control that other methods simply cannot. If you are in need of deburring machines, consider the many uses of a vibratory system, and reach out to a distributor. Available in many different sizes and setups, these machines can be the perfect addition to your industry.


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