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3 Industrial Uses for Ceramic Tumbling Media

Posted by Bill Wright on

3 Industrial Uses for Ceramic Tumbling Media

Metal is one of the most important materials in the industrial world. No matter what industry you work in, you probably create or use something made of metal. If you are part of an industry’s product creation process, you likely know that metal objects do not start as shiny and smooth as they look when they are finished. That is because many industries use a vibratory tumbler to turn rough metal into smooth metal. One of the most common media for these vibratory tumblers is ceramic tumbling media. Keep reading to learn about three industrial uses for this common media.

Surface Improvement in the Automotive and Aerospace Industries

The automotive and aerospace industries use lots of metal to craft the cars, planes, and other vehicles we use daily. During the construction process of these vehicles, manufacturers take rough metal parts and improve their surface with a vibratory tumbler. They put these parts into the vibratory tumbler with the appropriate media, compound, and water. Often, they use ceramic tumbling media because its weight and angular shape are effective on hard metals.

Polishing Metal in the Jewelry Industry

Ceramic tumbling media is ideal for hard metals, but some professionals in the jewelry industry use it as well. They want to capitalize on the polishing benefits of ceramic for their metal jewelry. However, to protect the softer, more delicate metal, they use round ceramic tumbling media instead of angular. Round ceramic tumbling media provides the polish that professional jewelers want without the risk of damaging softer metals.

Deburring Aluminum Devices in the Medical and Dental Industries

Aluminum is also a soft metal that can benefit from mass finishing, especially deburring. Deburring refers to the process of smoothing out the rough edges of an object. In the medical and dental industries, deburring is an especially important process. Both industries craft aluminum devices, some of which go into bodies and some of which contribute to medical office devices. Regardless of how the aluminum device will be used, medical and dental professionals need smooth devices to ensure everything works properly. Ceramic tumbling media is one of the best media for deburring, especially in these industries where deburring is so important.

These industrial uses for ceramic tumbling media are just three examples that show how popular this specific tumbling media is. Many other industries use ceramic tumbling media for mass finishing. If you need to start mass-finishing metal objects, we provide a Mr. Deburr vibratory tumbler that will get the job done. It works well with ceramic tumbling media and other media options.

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