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When You Should Use Organic Tumbling Media

Posted by Bill Wright on

When You Should Use Organic Tumbling Media

Deburring with a vibratory tumbler is an excellent way to clean your metal products and give them the perfect finish. However, you must choose the right media for your deburring process to achieve the best results. Media selection often depends on what items you’re deburring, whether those items are wet, and desired deburring intensity. Discover when you should use organic tumbling media for your projects by reading on.

What Is Organic Tumbling Media?

Before we focus on the advantages of organic tumbling media, we need to learn what it is and how it differs from other media types. Organic tumbling media often features walnut shells and corn cobs. These items are natural, which sets the media apart from synthetic media such as plastic. Since it’s natural, it often costs less to produce, meaning it can be cheaper than other types of media.

What Are the Advantages of Organic Tumbling Media?

Using a natural product is often an advantage since it uses fewer chemicals. Fewer chemicals create cleaner products and help protect the environment. But what other advantages are there to organic tumbling media? This media type is often small, so it can clean delicate pieces. It’s also absorbent, so many people like to use it for cleaning greasy parts. Lastly, it’s biodegradable. When you finish using it, you can compost the media instead of throwing it away. This factor saves you money and helps the planet.

When Should You Use Organic Tumbling Media?

The advantages of organic tumbling media can determine when we use it. The small size prevents scratching, so you can use it on delicate pieces. Small media can also get into curves and other areas that larger media can’t, meaning it is better at cleaning complicated pieces.

You should also consider using organic media to dry parts after wet vibratory tumbling. Since this media type is absorbent, it will help absorb the water from the cleaning process. It can also absorb grease and oil on dirty parts if you don’t want to do wet tumbling.

Lastly, you can mix organic tumbling media with polishing paste when you need a high-gloss finish. The small granules partially absorb the polishing paste and can give your metal pieces a beautiful shine.

You should use organic tumbling media when you need something natural, small, and absorbent. Consider mixing it with polishing paste if you also need a high-shine finish. If you need a vibratory deburring machine to get started with organic media, AccuBrass can help. Our machines are top-rated and will help your business thrive.

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