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Top Warnings When Installing and Using Your Mr Deburr Machine

Posted by Bill Wright on

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Vibratory machinery is crucial when performing any kind of work in the machining industry. And a Mr Deburr is a prime example of a trustworthy and efficient machine. However, if this is your first time using one of these powerful deburring machines, or you just want to have some tips regarding safety and maintenance, keep reading.

Here is what you should watch out for when using and installing your Mr Deburr.

Wear Proper Clothing and Protect Your Eyes

Vibratory finishing soaps can be quite acidic. The last thing you want is getting this material on your skin or in your eyes. Cover up before you begin working with your machine to avoid any potentially serious accidents. Long sleeves and pants, goggles, and aprons are all appropriate forms of protective outerwear.

Avoid Unregulated Fluids

Fluid that is not water or a specified soap should never enter your machine. Avoid these liquids since unassociated fluids can cause a fire -- which can result in personal injury and even death. These chemicals can also damage the machine itself. While a Mr Deburr is a strong piece of machinery, certain chemicals are quite corrosive to the urethane liner. To ensure your machine stays in excellent condition for as long as possible, clean your machine only with regulated materials. Water, for example, is always safe to use.

Keep the Mr Deburr Lubricated

Make sure your Mr Deburr is well lubricated on a consistent basis. If it’s not, this can reduce the lifespan of the machine. Make sure to never over grease the bearings and only use a lithium-based grease for optimum performance. One squirt of oil every 100 hours is the perfect amount; anything more may start a fire, while anything less can force you to replace your machine sooner than you'd like.

Anchor Your Machine

Before starting, make sure to anchor your machine onto a solid surface. This can promote worker safety and prevent potential accidents. Anchoring your machine also ensures that your machine lasts longer and works well throughout its lifespan.

Change And Discard Media Regularly

Media can wear out with time, so it’s important to establish a schedule. Stick to this routine and you will learn more about your media and as well as how long it lasts throughout each cycle.

Finding a Mr Deburr For Sale

Let’s say you’re still juggling your options when it comes to finding the perfect Mr Deburr for sale.

While the information above is of the utmost importance, you’ll need a reliable machine before you even begin to concern yourself with the safety issues. If you're still uncertain as to where to find the best Mr Deburr for sale, you'll be happy to learn that we have you covered. You can shop through our catalog to ensure you find the perfect set of tools without the hassle of scouring the entire web, making shopping for your Mr Deburr less of a hassle.

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