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Necessary Maintenance for Vibratory Finishing Equipment

Posted by Michael Wegener on

Necessary Maintenance for Vibratory Finishing Equipment

With several mechanisms in play, performing the necessary maintenance for your vibratory finishing equipment is a critical part of maintaining your workflow and an essential aspect of business management.

Without your equipment, you will not have the ability to finish your products, making them unsuitable for distribution adequately. Always know what components you need to inspect to maintain your continued workflow.

Ensure Proper Lubrication

Depending on your vibratory finishing equipment, it may have a self-lubricating mechanism or a manual one. Whichever system yours comes equipped with, you still need to make sure that the self-lubricating system operates normally. With manual systems, it is generally accepted to lubricate the drive-bearing housing every 20 to 40 operating hours.

Know How Much Is Necessary

Over-lubricating the drive bearing can cause the system to fail. As such, be aware of how much is needed to grease your finishing equipment adequately.

Further Inspection Into the System

While you are servicing your machine’s lubrication system, you should also check to see if the component that makes it up are still in good condition. These mechanisms include:

  • Belts
  • Pulleys
  • Springs
  • Shafts

Maintain the Liners

Your liners protect your machine from the rough media that you are trying to polish. If the liners fail, then your media will slowly eat away at the walls of your vibratory machine, eventually making it unusable. You can typically check the thickness of your liner by hammering a thin nail into it—not so deep that you cause damage, but just enough that you can accurately gauge the thickness.

Clean Your Compound Delivery System

Your delivery system can be very susceptible to a buildup of residue and grime. Therefore, you must occasionally flush it out with fresh water to maintain functionality. Using other liquids can run the risk of deteriorating the system itself.

Avoid Costly Breakdowns

Failing to perform the essential service on your vibratory finishing equipment will lead to its eventual breakdown, bringing your workflow to a halt and backing up progress on your current projects. Keep to a maintenance schedule to eliminate the need for costly repairs or replacements.

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