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Most Durable Metals for Fabrication

Posted by Michael Wegener on

Metals come in a wide variety of different characteristics and applications. Some are soft and easily manipulated, while others are sturdy and can stand up to a lot of punishment. These tougher metals have a number of commercial uses and have their advantages over weaker metals. While easier to work with, they aren’t adequate for certain applications. Consider some of the most durable metals for fabrication.


Steel is formed from a combination of iron and carbon and ranks as one of the most ubiquitous metals that you can find. Because of steel’s long history of use and metalworkers’ familiarity with it, its properties can be changed with different mixtures of other alloys. This makes steel very versatile and diverse when it comes to application, while also being durable and strong.


Chromium has the distinction of being the hardest metal available. Because of this hardness, chromium is typically mixed with steel to make scratch-resistant, stainless-steel materials. Because chromium is one of the most durable metals to work with, it doesn’t tarnish on its own, making it long-lasting compared to other metals.


Titanium is a naturally occurring metal that has a very low density. This low density gives titanium a unique lightness, making it weigh less than other metals. However, this lower density does not come at the cost of strength; it’s similar in strength to other metals while remaining lighter. Titanium is typically added to other alloys to give them increased strength.


Tungsten is among the strongest metals. It has one of the highest melting points as well as one of the best tensile strengths of any metal. It is pure and not mixed with any other alloy to increase its characteristics. However, because tungsten is one of the strongest metals, it’s one of the hardest to work with.

The Right Fabrication Materials

Whichever metal you decide to use for your products, you must ensure that you have the right materials to manipulate the metal. Equipment such as vibratory deburring machines are a necessary part of the fabrication process to guarantee the quality of construction and safety among workers. These tools can be provided by AccuBrass based on the needs of your company.

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