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Ways To Promote Safety in a Machine Shop

Posted by Michael Wegener on

Ways To Promote Safety in a Machine Shop

With the use of instruments that can be hazardous to the wellbeing of workers, as well as dangerous particles that can be inhaled, a fabrication shop has the potential to cause illness and injury to workers. Because of this risk, managers and owners need to know ways to promote safety in a machine shop for the betterment of employee protection and workflow efficiency. Without such knowledge, workers will be prone to accidents that may cause serious injury or death.

Cleanliness of Workstations

Promoting safety begins with ensuring every worker is doing their part to make the shop as clean, organized, and safe as it can be. Every worker is responsible for their work area, the work being done, and necessary cleanup afterward. Leaving out excess materials or trash will only clutter the work environment and can increase the likelihood of an incident.

Mark Disposal Areas

Trash can quickly build up if there’s isn’t a dedicated space to offload it. Have a spot where workers can leave their trash bags and a location where they can safely dispose of harmful materials.


Having records of documentation can take several important forms. The first of those forms is to have a clearly written manual of all the safety procedures in the shop. This includes how to handle equipment, where to dispose of waste, and the necessary protection while using tools. You must have writing that covers what to do in hazardous situations so there are procedures to help solve issues or mitigate damage.

Know When Machines Were Serviced

This record-keeping also includes files of when tools and equipment in the shop were serviced and their repair history. This will help identify faulty instruments if the same or numerous repairs have been needed. It will also allow employees to know the equipment they’re using has been tested and is safe to use.

Provide Safety Training

Having procedures and documentation in place won’t do any good if workers aren’t educated about them. Ensure they know the resources available to them and what their expectations are when they walk into work. Don’t expect everyone to come in knowing what the proper course of action is in any situation; assumptions like that can lead to injury.

Have Everyone of the Same Page

Train workers on the proper use of equipment before they use it unsupervised. Tools such as a small vibratory bowl feeder have an important and specific job in the shop, and improper use can lead to the destruction of equipment or injury.

Neglect Breeds Injury

Dismissing the idea of proper documentation or failing to provide employees with necessary information will result in disaster. Neglecting to promote safety in your fabrication shop will only reduce efficiency and greatly increase the chances of a work-related injury.

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