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Ways To Improve Efficiency in Your Metal Shop

Posted by Michael Wegener on

Ways To Improve Efficiency in Your Metal Shop

Finding how to improve the processes of your machine shop can be a challenge in and of itself. Implementing alternative ways to change procedures that work well enough can make anyone hesitant, but you must consider alternatives if you are to increase the productivity of your shop. Audit your processes and find where the weak links are in your business operations; identifying these shortcomings will make improvements easier to adopt.

Invest in Your Employees

Your employees are some of the most valuable assets your metal fabrication shop can have. It takes a lot of training and first-hand experience to be able to handle and manipulate metal and finding a worker who has that kind of knowledge and professionalism may be hard. But you also need to foster that kind of talent in your shop. You can’t just hire people with those skills—you need to build up the skillset of less experienced employees.

Offer Further Training

While typical metalworking training covers a great deal, there can be areas of the process that workers coming into the industry have a hard time understanding. Don’t assume that everyone is coming in with the same level of comprehension; take the time to work with individuals to correct their misunderstandings of processes or bolster their knowledge.

Invest in Your Equipment

Although employees are the backbone of your business, the tools you give them play an equally important role in the completion of projects. You must ensure that workstations have the tools required to work with metal, whether it be equipment directly involved with metal fabrication or safety equipment to protect workers.

Look for Quality of Equipment

It is tempting to purchase cheaper tools to save on expenses, but this can lead to regular equipment breakdowns and costly maintenance. If your vibratory finishing machine suddenly fails, for instance, the whole metalworking process becomes backed up due to the inability to complete a critical step. Purchase reliable tools the first time to avoid slowing down productivity.

Consider Automation as an Alternative

There are some processes in a metalworking shop that are best left to automation, either because they prevent putting workers in unnecessary danger or speed up progress. Some common applications of automation include having machines package, label, and piece products together. While not everything in the shop can be automated, some processes can be streamlined to make them run more efficiently and complete tasks at a faster rate.

Consider Your Options

Many of the ways to improve efficiency in your metal shop require an investment of some sort, whether that means investing time with employees or money with equipment. The cost of upgrading some processes can seem like too much to ask, but the added investment can increase productivity to the point where they begin paying for themselves. Improved processes can lead to increased profits in the long term for your business.

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