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STEEL STARTER KIT's CONCENTRATED SOLUTION - Ceramic Media's Vibratory Tumbling Compound

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Steel Tumbling Compound

Steel Starter Kit's Concentrated Solution


This concentrated finishing compound solution, works well on all soft and hard metal parts. It's designed primarily for harder steel parts, like carbon and stainless steels. This is our most widely used formulation for hard steel parts. Mix with water at 2 to 4 oz per gallon of water.

Full Description:

    • All Hard Metals (carbon steel, stainless steel, etc.)
    • Some customers also use it on Aluminum and other softer metal parts.
  • FINISHING ACTION: Helps media Deburr, De-Rust, and Clean Heavier Oils and Prep Surfaces (good for powder coating, paint, etc.)
  • MIX CONCENTRATE AT: 2-4oz per Gallon of Water
  • LIFE: Change out water/solution mixture every 8 to 10 hours of run time
  • DESCRIPTION: This concentrated compound solution and cleaner is for use on ferrous metals with ceramic and plastic media. Designed primarily for steel applications


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