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REORDER - STEEL STARTER KIT MEDIA (1 Box/50lbs) - Ceramic Media - ACTS (Angle Cut Tri-Stars) 7/8" x 3/8"

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Ceramic Tumbling Media

Ceramic ACTS ( Angle Cut Tri-Stars ) 7/8" x 3/8"


This ceramic tumbling media for steel is more aggressive than the alternatives, providing both good burr removal and a long media life. You can use this ceramic finishing media on all steels, both hard and soft metals. Our ceramic media ACTS is our most widely used formulation.

Full Description:

  • PACKAGE WEIGHT: One 50 Lbs. Box or Bag
    • All Metals (carbon steel, stainless steel, etc.)
    • Some customers also use it on Aluminum and other softer metals. Because this is an aggressive cutting media, material will be removed super quickly, and the final finish won't be as high quality as you would have using the less aggressive Plastic Medias. It's a tradeoff because using the less aggressive Plastic Medias will increase cycle times 
  • CYCLE TIMES: Super-Fast Working
  • FINISHING ACTION: Deburrs, De-Rusts, and Cleans Heavier Oils and Preps Surfaces (good for powder coating, paint, etc.). Parts will have a dull matte finish, that will allow your surface coatings, to adhere to your parts surfaces.
  • LIFE: Good
  • ABRASIVES: Super-Fast Cutting
  • WEIGHT PER CUBIC FOOT: 85-90 Lbs. Per Cu Ft
  • DESCRIPTION: This is our most common ceramic media. It's a more aggressive tumbling media that will give you both good burr removal and good media life. It's used on all steels, both hard and soft, making it a perfect brass tumbling media alternative.

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