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Tips for Choosing the Right Type of Rock Tumbler

Posted by Bill Wright on

Tips for Choosing the Right Type of Rock Tumbler

There is no better experience than finding an unassuming rock in nature. The average person might not notice this rock, but you know it’s so much more than meets the eye. If you want to reveal that stunning shine that lies just beneath the surface, you know you need a tumbler. However, there are several tumblers on the market that vary quite significantly in quality. As such, you’ll want to know these useful tips for choosing the right type of rock tumbler.

Consider Your Rock Amount

The first thing you want to think about when searching for the perfect tumbler is your rock collection. As such, ask yourself if you plan to collect a large number of rocks or prefer to stick to a smaller collection. The reason this is an important question to ask is that it will directly correlate with the number of rocks you will tumble. The more rocks you have, the more likely you are to need a heavy-duty tumbler. And as a rock enthusiast, you likely want to collect as many as possible.

Do Your Needs Require a Heavy Duty Tumbler?

As you grow into your rock collection, you might consider investing in a heavy-duty tumbler. A high-quality and durable tumbler can handle a large number of rocks in varying shapes and sizes. Moreover, it won’t prematurely degrade with the usage of differing grits and media you utilize to polish your rocks. That’s why one of the best tips for choosing the right type of rock tumbler is to pick a high-quality machine that will last the long haul.

Choose Between Rotary and Vibratory Tumblers

When it comes to choosing a tumbler, the most significant choice is whether you want to go with a rotary or vibratory machine. If you appreciate the natural ridges and lines of your rock, you’ll want to go with a vibratory tumbler. This machine will carefully polish your rocks without sacrificing their natural shape. Are you looking for a vibratory deburring machine? At AccuBrass, we have a wide range of machines available to accommodate any collection, no matter how big or small.

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