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The Difference Between Manual and Robotic Deburring

Posted by Bill Wright on

The Difference Between Manual and Robotic Deburring

Deburring is a huge aspect of warehouse processing systems, as it creates a shiny appearance and removes unsightly or dangerous burrs from your products. Countless warehouses utilize deburring on their products, but the methods differ. Warehouses utilize different deburring processes, as there are quite a few to choose from. You’ll want to know the difference between manual and robotic deburring.

Manual Deburring

Manual deburring removes burrs and shines your products by hand. This process has been the most popular form of deburring for the past several decades. However, technology has progressed considerably, allowing robots to do the deburring for you. That’s not to say there isn’t a place for manual deburring, as it's useful when working on low-volume or custom orders that require greater attention to detail.

Robotic Deburring

Robotic deburring utilizes a machine to deburr your products, removing any imperfections that could become harmful or render your product inefficient. That is the main difference between manual and robotic deburring. The most common reason robotic deburring is so popular and the chosen method by many warehouses is due to the machine’s industrial strength.

Deburring machines allow you to deburr massive numbers of products while maintaining consistent quality so you can keep up with the necessary output. Are you looking for tumbler finishing machines? At AccuBrass, we have a wide variety of robotic deburring machines and equipment to help you maximize efficiency and quality in your warehouse.

Choosing Your Process

It’s important to know there is no wrong option when choosing between manual and robotic deburring. As you choose your process, you should consider the requirements of your warehouse. If your output is low and requires custom work, the manual method might be for you. However, a deburring machine will likely be your best option if you need to maintain a high output.

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