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The Process of Deburring Medical Devices

Posted by Bill Wright on

The Process of Deburring Medical Devices

When we think about medical advancements, we imagine people in labs with beakers but rarely consider the devices these advancements need for implementation in the field. These devices must literally be as near to perfection as possible, and when we consider devices for human implantation, it is no wonder why. Any error in production can result in a host of complications, including but not limited to irritation and infection. Keep reading for more on the process of deburring medical devices.

Near Perfection

Often, surgeons will implant a medical device into a patient, such as a prosthesis, during a knee replacement. Usually, that knee replacement will last for around 15-30 years inside the patient, which is quite a long time. This device must alleviate the person’s pain and make life easier. As such, the prosthesis must be as near to perfect as possible. Implantation relies on the skills of the surgeon, but the comfort of the prosthesis relies on the quality of the device itself.

Strict Polishing

All medical devices must go through a strict polishing and deburring process to attain a high-quality finish that is suitable for human implantation and use. As you can guess, this process is crucial to making a device that is not only compatible with the human body but also comfortable. You can imagine how irritating it would be to use or have a device inside your body with a small burr. Manufacturers take great measures to ensure these medical devices are free from these tiny burrs that could become a huge issue.

Machine vs. Human

Consider that billions of people on this planet will need or seek healthcare at some point in their lives. No matter the reason, there are a lot of people who will require some use of a medical device administered by a surgeon or healthcare professional. As such, it doesn’t make sense for humans to deburr these medical devices themselves. There are too many devices that would hold up production, and we must consider human error.

Every medical device must have the same finish as before, and when a human is in charge of this task, there will be errors in production. That is why many manufacturers will use a deburring machine to achieve a near-perfect finish for the strict polishing process these devices must go through. That is why you need a machine you can trust to handle large amounts of production, which is where we can assist you. At AccuBrass, we have large bowl tumblers that can easily remove burrs from large quantities of products with ease and efficiency.

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