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Medium & Large Vibratory Bowl Tumblers

Metal Vibratory Tumbler Bowls

With the help of our metal vibratory tumbler bowls, you’ll increase your company's production output and the quality of your products. You’ll also reduce the amount of labor involved in your polishing process. Our medium and large bowl tumblers work perfectly with the abrasive media of your choice. To make sure that you receive exactly what you need, we also offer several customizable options for many of our vibratory tumbler bowl machines.  

We offer consistent quality from batch to batch. 

You’ll get the best results from finishing bowls that are reliable, have high safety ratings, and give you the ability to customize them—and the machines at AccuBrass fit the bill. All of our metal vibratory tumbler bowls are made within the United States. Order your very own bowl tumbler machine today!