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6 Reasons Why You Should Have a Deburring Machine in Your Metal Fabrication Company

Posted by Bill Wright on

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Modern sheet metal processing has incorporated additional services intending to make the metal products produced more reliable and of high quality. One of the additional services in metal processing sector is deburring edges. Deburring machines help in removing all the burrs that have been left on the metal parts, which help in ensuring that the downstream process functions smoothly.

In sheet metal production, different types of burrs are created. Other residues such as melt and slag remain after the flame cutting process. Deburring machines are used in removing the stubborn residue that causes uneven areas on the metal sheets.

This article explains the reasons why deburring is a necessity in the metal processing sector.

1. Deburring Prevents Injuries

As highlighted earlier, cutting metal sheets leaves large quantities of residues and burrs that create an enormous risk to any person handling the sheets. Some employees handling these metals have suffered serious cuts from the sharp edges.

Deburring machines help in smoothing the rough edges and thereby preventing injuries to the workers and final users. A deburring machine also helps in ensuring that the final metal sheet does not injure or destroy other products using its sharp edges.

2. Deburring Improves The Aesthetic Looks

Deburring machines are not only useful in preventing injuries to the workers. They also help in ensuring that the metal sheets have a clean and attractive finish, especially in the final products. As a metal fabricator, you need to find out ways to impress your customers with clean metal finishes and aesthetic looks.

Being the world’s largest manufacturer, the United States produces more than 18.2% of manufactured goods in the world. Therefore, there is heavy industrial competition, and the only way to survive is to please your customers by providing appealing metal sheets.

3. Deburring Removes Oxide Layer

Laser cutting technology, which is heavily adopted in metal processing, produces an oxide layer on parts or sheets. Any oxide layer is known to create serious mechanical problems in the downstream processes and may also cause patches of rust. Oxidation has also been known to have significant impacts on welding. Metal polishing tools helps in removing the oxide layer to facilitate smooth downstream processes and to produce consistent welding results.

4. Deburring Prevents Wear

Many metal manufacturers have come to the realization that deburring machines are essential in preventing wear and tear in metals. Finishing tools help in producing parts with higher quality, which is essential in simplifying the downstream process.

Most of the metal sheets that have been polished and finished professionally can be worked on well, which means that only quality products are produced. On the other hand, a metal sheet that is not polished or finished well is likely to wear and tear because of the poor edges.

5. Deburring Facilitates Metal Coating

Vibratory deburring machines are essential in facilitating metal coating, especially on the round edges. Most of the metals have to be exposed to a layer of coating, preferably zinc or aluminum. Vibratory finishing clears all the dirt and the oxide layer thereby allowing the coat to stick on a clean metal surface.

If you want to have your coat sprayed professionally, you need to have deburring machines around to deal with any unwanted layer on the metal sheets.

6. Deburring Speeds Manufacturing Process

If you want your manufacturing process to be fast and smooth, you must include vibratory finishing equipment in metal processing stage. Vibratory finishing machines help you to standardize the shape, size, perfect the metal parts you want to use.

A deburring machine helps you to produce uniform metal sheets that can easily be used in the later stages of manufacturing. A speedy and efficient manufacturing process is cost-effective and leads to increased production.

Do you want to speed your metal processes and enhance the safety of your workers? AccuBrass offers vibratory deburring machines for sale and has the right deburring machines for your project. We are a premier metal polishing machine dealer. Contact us today for more information.

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