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5 Advantages of a Giant Finishing Machine

Posted by Michael Wegener on

5 Advantages of a Giant Finishing Machine

When working in an industrial setting, you’ll find that every machine plays an important role in the process. Finishing machines are no different, as they play a specific role in deburring and polishing the mechanized parts and pieces that are used in other machines. Below, we share five advantages of a giant finishing machine, allowing you to see how you can finish various products on an industrial scale.


Giant finishing machines can output more products at once due to their size. As such, the cost of operating these machines is significantly reduced. Additionally, it is easy to find one of these machines or something similar (like an industrial rotary tumbler) second-hand, allowing you to reduce costs even further without sacrificing quality.

Size Difference

As with most machines found in an industrial setting, there are many different sizes to choose from for finishing machines. Having a variety of sizes available means that you can use a larger system to produce many more parts at a much cheaper and faster rate. Even a smaller system that specializes in polishing or deburring can produce a high volume of finished items.

Custom Fabrication

Finished tools and parts, such as nuts and bolts, are in high demand because they are used frequently in various manufacturing processes. However, not everyone’s needs are the same with these parts, which is where customization comes in handy. With a giant finishing machine, you can customize factors such as size, shape, and paint during the fabrication process, allowing you to create pieces that suit the specifications of different applications.

Low Maintenance

Another benefit of giant finishing machines is that they are easy to maintain. AccuBrass offers the option to install a filter in most of their finishing machines, which works to keep the water clean throughout the vibratory process when the machine is in operation. In addition to this, polyurethane liners are available that have a hardness durometer of 90 or higher, which ensures durability and ease of use when the machine is in operation or being cleaned. For certain models, there is also the introduction of an automated cartridge grease system that always keeps your units lubricated and ready for any task.

Greater Output

There is no level of production that can compare to the output of finishing machines, and for good reason. Most of the finishing process is automated, which means there is continual manpower in place that ends when the job is done. Innovations such as automatic premixing compound systems are integrated into these machines to help the mechanism stay clean. These units mix compounds with the water to create a cleaning agent that cleans both the parts and the machine during operation.

Now that you’ve learned about a few of the advantages of using a giant finishing machine, we hope it is clear why they are so popular in industrial manufacturing. Being able to consistently produce quality finishes on everything that passes through these machines is a huge benefit to all those who work in an industrial setting.

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