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How To Clean Brass Using Your Giant Finishing Machine

Posted by Michael Wegener on

How To Clean Brass Using Your Giant Finishing Machine

If you’ve ever worked with brass, especially cleaning and polishing, then you know how much of a pain it can be to get the luster that makes brass so brilliant. When you’re doing it manually, it takes many man-hours and plenty of effort to effectively finish the products. With the advent of giant finishing machines, you can have the know-how to clean brass using your giant finishing machine so you can have a perfect product every time.

Within your giant finishing machine will be an industrial rotary tumbler where your parts and compounds will work on polishing and finishing. Three methods are used to make this process happen with your machine.

Batch Style

Batch style is the most simplified method of cleaning and finishing brass. To do this, you simply plug the discharge drain, pour in your water and compounds used for cleaning, and then run the machine. Afterward, drain the tumbler after each batch. This may be more hands-on and somewhat of a hassle after a few loads, so it’s best to stick with small batches or singular loads with this particular style.

Circulation Style

This style is the most used of all three styles. Under the main drainpipe of the machine, a pail is placed to catch any sediment that might fall through the drain during recirculation. When the fluid through the system is recirculating, it will find its way through the pail, leaving all the sediment behind and keeping the fluid clean and filtered. You may have to clean out the filter in between loads if it fills up too much, or you might risk losing some of the fluids or making a mess where things no longer recirculate.

Flow-Through Style

This is the most preferred of all the brass-finishing styles. A mixing valve is used to mix the water and compounds, or it can be mixed in a pail and then pumped through the pail into the tumbler, where it is sprayed over the medium. All the leftover fluid should drain consistently into the sewer. Make sure to place a settling trap to catch all the sediment that will come through the drain to filter the water.

Giant finishing machines are extremely useful when finishing and polishing hard-to-clean metals such as brass. With these three methods listed, you’ll have a multitude of methods at your fingertips to use in case you needed to alternate during or in between projects. It is important to know how to clean brass using your giant finishing machine. Now, you’ll have all the tools to get the job done.

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