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What You Can Expect From a Rotary Tumbler

Posted by Bill Wright on

What You Can Expect From a Rotary Tumbler

People use rotary tumblers to polish anything from jewelry to rock collections. Rotary tumblers function by turning in a cylindrical container for days or weeks to polish your pieces. However, there is so much more about the process, which is why you need to know what you can expect from a rotary tumbler.

Smoothen and Round

Rotating tumblers are the most popular option for rock collectors as tumbling creates a smooth and round shape for rocks. It is important for you to know that a rotary tumbler will not keep the original structure of your piece. The tumbler will create a smooth and round shape. If you want to keep the original form of the item you plan to polish, you might consider a vibratory tumbler instead. A vibrating tumbler is gentler on your piece, which will polish it while maintaining its form.

Rotary Tumbling Time

If you are completely new to tumbling, you might not know how long you must rotate your pieces to get that shiny finish. It may sound surprising, but you will likely have your tumbler rotating for anywhere from four to eight weeks, depending on your piece.

With how much time tumbling takes, you want a reliable and sturdy rotary. Are you looking for a tumbling barrel? At AccuBrass, we have a variety of tumblers available that are high-quality, dependable, and can handle whatever you need them to do.

Noise Levels

One of the main things many people expect from a rotary tumbler is that it will be noisy. When you consider the fact that your tumbler will rotate for weeks on end with rocks and other materials in it, you might assume it will be quite loud. However, rotary tumblers are very quiet, making only a gentle whirring sound in the background. If the noise is bothersome, placing your tumbler in low-traffic areas like a basement or shed is helpful.

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