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Reasons To Use a Jewelry Tumbler

Posted by Michael Wegener on

Reasons To Use a Jewelry Tumbler

When starting your jewelry business, you need to know the most efficient route when producing your product. While the cheaper option may be to manually polish your jewelry, in the long run, it will only serve as an obstacle that holds back your business.

The initial cost of entry is far outweighed by the advantages of a jewelry tumbler, and the increase in profits that you can see is one of the main reasons to use a jewelry tumbler.

Saves on Time

While polishing jewelry by hand is certainly an option, it is not the most time-efficient way to go about the task. Hand polishing is a time-consuming process that can better be spent on other aspects of the business, whether that be marketing, bookkeeping, or constructing other pieces.

Free up Your Time

The use of an industrial rotary tumbler will significantly speed up the process of finishing, giving you more time to focus on other important business aspects. While polishing your jewelry is an important step in the process, you cannot focus so much time on burnishing. As the business owner, it is your job to move the process along as fast as possible.

More Time Results in More Profits

It stands to reason that the less time you spend on a piece, then the more pieces in a day you can produce. Investing in a jewelry tumbler will allow your processes to speed up exponentially, resulting in more pieces that are finished in a faster time frame.

Improved Quality of Work

The other important reason to use a jewelry tumbler is the increased quality that it can give your finished products. The polishing from the tumblers will give your jewelry a mirror finish. The finish is what a customer will notice first and will most likely base their purchase on. Nobody in the market for jewelry is going to settle for anything less than a mirror finish.

Increased Satisfaction Equals Repeat Customers

When customers purchase your products, they will notice the quality of work in the burnishing. Customers that are satisfied will become regulars; investing in the best possible techniques ensures that you will have a steady stream of business.

Less Time for Better Quality

The two essential qualities of a jewelry tumbler are better quality finishes and less time spent polishing. The initial price of entry will be rendered insignificant next to the potential of increased profit as a direct result of your investment into jewelry tumblers.

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