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5 Tips for Disposing of Rock Tumbling Grit & Slurry

Posted by David Birkhead on

5 Tips for Disposing of Rock Tumbling Grit & Slurry

Rock tumbling is a great hobby for those who are patient of mind. You must not only parse through countless stones, but also wait days and even weeks to polish your stones. Moreover, you also know that grit and slurry dries like cement. As such, dumping it down your drain is not the best option.

Do you want to take your tumbling to the next level? Here are some of our tips for disposing of grit and slurry from a rock tumbler. At AccuBrass, we have industrial rotary tumblers to help you get a stunning polish on your rocks!


If you have a large backyard, you may dig a hole to dispose of your grit and slurry. After, use the dirt you dug up to cover the hole again; this will protect your lawn and allow plants to grow. Serious hobbyists usually dedicate an area on their lawn for permanent disposal and use a wooden box to hold their materials.


Gravel is a fantastic area for you to easily and quickly dispose of the grit and slurry that comes from your rock tumbler. Finding a prominent place with gravel is contingent on where you live, but you’ll find gravel on the side of a road in most areas. A gravel road nearby is the best option.

Pour & Dry

Allow the grit and slurry to dry in a dedicated container for a couple of days. Once it is all dry, you may toss it in the trash. Additionally, you can pour the grit and slurry in a Tupperware and toss that. The main focus is for you to make sure it is entirely dry before getting rid of it.


Tumbling uses quite a lot of water that you can pour down your drain, but you must separate your grit and slurry from the water beforehand. There are two ways to do this; separate it yourself, or wait about a day for it to naturally separate. Once it separates, you may pour the water down your drain. If you choose to go this route, take care to ensure you only pour water down your drain—don’t let any grit go along with it!

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