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3 Advantages of Using Vibratory Deburring Machines

Posted by Bill Wright on

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According to statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are 12.75 million manufacturing jobs in the United States. These jobs employ 8.5% of the workforce and pay 12% more than all other jobs. 

AZ Big Media notes that an enormous amount of the metal and plastic items manufactured require deburring. As Finishing Systems explains, the parts, media, and compounds are placed into a vibratory finishing machine. Vibrations cause them to grind and turn against each other. This process smooths off the rough edges or ridges of mass-produced pieces in order to make them easier and safer to handle. AccuBrass, a carrier of vibratory deburring machines for sale, believes that this manufacturing step should never be disregarded, and that using vibratory finishing equipment for the deburring process has several advantages for the manufacturing industry. Here are three of them.

1. It Increases Your Company Production Output.

Tub-shaped vibratory finishers can accommodate bigger parts and larger quantities, thereby allowing you to finish more products more quickly.

2. It Improves the Quality of Your Product

Since vibratory deburring machines rarely experience malfunctions, uniform results can be easily and repeatedly duplicated. This enables you to consistently produce high-quality products that meet your manufacturing standards. Deburring can also add an attractive polished finish to your products. The Fabricator notes that because deburring removes sharp, potentially dangerous edges from your products, making them safer, the risk of liability is reduced as well.

3. It Is Less Labor-Intensive.

Deburring units require minimal maintenance, which cuts down the amount of time that your employees need to spend on this task. In addition, vibratory deburring techniques are significantly less labor-intensive than manual deburring.

Regardless of the size of your manufacturing company, you'll find the right kind of vibratory deburring equipment to meet your needs. AccuBrass believes that the advantages of using vibratory deburring machines are well worth considering when you're looking at the different types of vibratory deburring machines for sale. The increased production output, the improved quality of your company's product, and the reduction in labor-intensive work that they offer is the reason that AccuBrass carries a well-rounded selection of these products. 

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