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Jewelers Starter Kit (Extreme Rebel 17 Rotary Tumbler, 4 lbs Jewelers Stainless Steel Cleaning & Polishing Media, plus 2 lbs Plastic Tumbling Media)

Extreme Tumblers

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jewelers starter kit deluxe rebel 17 videos                                                        $299



EXTREME REBEL 17 ROTARY TUMBLER - This is a revolutionary new stainless steel tumbler designed specifically for the demands of stainless steel media.  It has a capacity of 17 lbs (2-4lbs of Jewelry).  This stainless steel tumbler is comparable to the Thumler's Tumbler with added features and benefits, that are a must for any serious Jeweler.  3 year on unit, and 1 year warranty on motor.


        • High strength powder coating, including inside the tumbling barrel / drum.
        • Thick rubber lined tumbling barrel / drum.
        • Large 1/2" solid shafts with thick rubber rollers.
        • Heavy duty sealed ball bearings.
        • Seam welded, durable base with dual motor support brackets.
        • Easy on/off nylon locking drum lid knobs.
        • Longer lasting drive belt.

    4 LBS - JEWELERS STAINLESS STEEL MIX - Our Special Jewelers Mix of Stainless Steel Shot includes Balls, Diagonals and Pins. This custom designed mix works perfectly in either a rotary or a vibratory tumbler. The Special Jewelers Mix polishes and creates a high shine on Copper, Silver and Gold Jewelry.

    Our Jewelers Mix is not designed to remove burrs or scratches. If you have burrs or scratches to remove, you will still need to file and sand the imperfections out, before tumbling in the Jewelers Mix. 

    2 Lbs – JEWELERS MATTE FINISH / FILLER MEDIA - Jewelers typically use our Plastic Tumbling Pellets in the Pre-Polish and Polishing stages of rotary tumbling (not for use in vibratory tumblers).

    Jewelers use this Jewelers Media for multiple purposes:

          • Filler to Properly Load the Tumbler.
          • Cushion for the load when tumbling Delicate Materials.
          • Creating a Matte Finish on any piece of jewelry.
          • To Carry Abrasives to every part of the load.

      Cleanup, for next usage, is easy. It Automatically Separates it’s self from rest of load and floats to the top, in just seconds. 


            • Burnishing Compounds - While we know everyone develops their own likes, dislikes and preferences, we've found that using regular kitchen use Blue Dawn dish soap work wonders for shining jewelry. Don't overdo it, It only takes a couple of drops to maximize your jewelry's bright shinny finish.
            • Maximizing your Jewelers Stainless Steel Mix - While the stainless steel is rust resistant, it's not rust proof. When you're finished with it, wash the soap or burnishing compound off and dry it in a towel.
            • Maximizing your Jewelers Matte Finish / Filler Media - When you're finished with it, wash the soap or burnishing compound off from it.


        HOW TO

        Art Jewelry - Using a Tumbler to Polish Metal




        Extreme Rebel 17 Rotary Tumbler


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        Tom Baker
        United States


        More than expected with the service and shipping and also answering all questions concerning usage. The machine couldn't be made or perform any better. Exactly what I wanted and needed for my usage...BIG thanks!

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