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BURR KING - Combi PAKS - Vibra KING Large Bowls Model 40 (2.2 Cubic Feet)


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Combi PAKS - Vibra KING Large Bowls Model 40


Vibra KING 40 delivers fast, quiet, high performance deburring, polishing, burnishing, descaling, and surface conditioning. Vibra KING 40 has a unique part unloading system. The parts will separate from the media simply by turning the machine dial to separate. 

All Model 40 Combi PAKS come with the Filter PAK 4001 system. This added system, greatly increases your machine's versatility and expands its functionality.  

Please note that the filtration system pictured next to the unit is no longer made out of stainless steel. It is black in color and made out of heavy duty Polyethylene. 


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*Includes magnetic starter (NEMA 12) and controls without power cord.



 BURR KING's Vibra KING Large Bowl Model 40


BURR KING Vibratory Accessories

Vibra KING Large Bowls Model 40 - 2013 Burr King Catalog 25 Combi PAKS - Vibra KING Large Bowls Model 40

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