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C&M Topline

C&M Topline Tumblers and Equipment

If you are looking to deburr, clean, surface finish for coating, or give a shiny new finish to multiple small parts at a time, consider C&M Topline tumblers and deburring machines—an industry standard for reliable mass finishing operations. C&M Topline’s tumble deburring machines have an incredible versatility that can spare your business thousands of hours of hard manual labor. Not only do these machines create shiny surfaces, they are also capable of a dull matte finish. This dull matte finish leaves the surface slightly roughed up, which allows coatings like paint, powder coating paint, Cerakote, anodizing and more to really grab onto the surface of their parts. Not only will a C&M Topline tumbler save you valuable time, but it will also save many hundreds of thousands of dollars across the machine’s lifetime.

Purchasing a C&M Topline tumble deburring machine from AccuBrass ensures that you’ll get the efficiency you need at the best value possible. Having trouble deciding what’s best for your operation? Contact us—we’d love to help!