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Extreme Rebel 17 Rotary Tumbler

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extreme rebel 17 kit videos                                                   $217

Extreme Rebel 17 Rotary Tumbler


Quick Overview: This is a revolutionary new tumbler designed specifically for stainless steel media.  It has a capacity of 17 lbs (2-4lbs of brass).  This unit is comparable to the Thumler's Tumbler with added features and benefits that are a Must for cleaning brass.  3 year on unit, and 1 year warranty on motor.

Key Features:

      • High strength powder coating including inside the drum.
      • Thick rubber lined tumbler drum / tumbler tank / tumbler barrel.
      • Large 1/2" solid shafts with thick rubber rollers.
      • Heavy duty sealed ball bearings.
      • Seam welded, durable base with dual motor support brackets.
      • Easy on/off nylon locking drum lid knobs.
      • Longer lasting drive belt.

      Details: All New Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Tumbler.  This stainless steel tumbler is comparable to Thumler's Tumbler Model B High Speed.  It is the best way to got for clean brass with stainless steel media.  The total capacity of the Extreme Tumblers Rebel 17 unit is 17 lbs.  It comes with a 3000 rpm motor with convenient on/off switch and dual mounting brackets.  Heavy duty steel hexagon barrel that is powder coated both inside and out with a thick rubber liner.  This unit is very quiet and durable.  It has a heavy duty base with large 1/2" solid shafts rolling on high quality ball bearings.  International model is available in 230/240V.

      The tumbler machine base measures: 11.5" Wide, 13" Long, and sits 11" tall with ss media drum. 

      The ss media drum measures: 9" diameter with hexagon shaped drum with opening 7.5", length of drum is 8.5"

      The stainless steel media drum is the same size as the Thumler's Tumbler Model B.  The Extreme Rebel 17 can hold more due to the larger ball-bearing shafts.  The drum and motor for the Thumler's Tumbler will work with this unit. 

      3 year warranty on unit and 1 year warranty on motor. 

      How it Works: 


      HOW TO

      Clean Reloading Brass in a Rotary Tumbler with Stainless Steel Tumbling Media




      Extreme Rebel 17 Rotary Tumbler




      Rotary Tumblers & Stainless Steel Tumbling Media



      Customer Reviews
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      Leslie T.
      United States United States
      Rebel 17

      Excellent tumbler! Great design.

      Jimmy G.
      United States United States

      So far,so good! I use it for making blackpowder and couldnt be happier!

      Bruce J.
      United States United States
      Works Great

      Works wonderfully for cleaning brass

      Scott R.
      United States United States
      Rebel 17 Tumbler AWESOME

      It really is hard to believe just how clean brass comes out of this tumbler. I've actually compared it to new unfired brass and the it's cleaner, INSIDE and out! The new unfired actually looks tarnished next to it. I also never realized how many brass shavings were inside my cases from trimming, deburring flash holes, uniforming primer pockets,etc.until I ran a batch through this machine. I'm selling my dry media tumbler, separator, and media. I'll never use them again. The customer service is also superb.

      Jeremy C.
      United States United States
      So far so good.

      Overall the Rebel 17 looks like it should work great. I am still figuring out the best water/brass/pins ratio though. Looks to be built solid. Only a few loads on it so far. Extreme Rebel 17 Rotary Tumbler Extreme Rebel 17 Rotary Tumbler Review

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