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300DB Mr Deburr, Tank DIVIDER, for 300DB Mr Deburr 3.0 Cubic Foot Rectangular Vibratory Finishing Tank

Mr Deburr

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accubrass Run Multiple Batches of Parts, at the Same Time

accubrass Run Multiple Media Sizes &/or Shapes, at Same Time

accubrass Reduces Part Impingement on Soft Materials


mr deburr 300db divider videos                                                         $87

In the metal-finishing business, it’s not uncommon for companies to need to run multiple batches at a time. In many cases, businesses will use multiple vibratory tanks to do this, but you could use a vibratory bowl divider for smaller batches. The 300DB Mr. Deburr tank divider for 300DB Mr. Deburr 3.0 cubic foot rectangular vibratory finishing tanks is the perfect tank separator for all of your metal finishing needs. Get your Mr. Deburr tank divider today.


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What's a divider used for?

    • Divides tank so you can run different types of parts at the same time.
    • Divides tank so you can run different shapes &/or sizes of media at the same time.
    • Compartmentalize machine to reduce part impingetwoent on soft materials.

What are some of the Key Features I'll receive? 

    • Easy to install.
    • Economically priced.
    • Thousands sold.
Optional equipment and supplies are available.



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What type of Lead Time am I looking at?

    • Delivery: We keep these in Stock and typically ship same day or next day. The only time we're out of Stock, is if there's an unforeseen surge in Customer Orders. If this happens, lead time will be dependent on the surge. 




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    Mr Deburr 300DB Vibratory Finishing Machine




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    Mr Deburr 300DB Vibratory Finishing Tank

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