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Which Tools You Need for Automotive Surface Finishing

Posted by Bill Wright on

Which Tools You Need for Automotive Surface Finishing

Working on cars takes a lot of tools. When you want to create the perfect surface finish on a car, you should invest in specific finishing tools that your shop may not have. Knowing which tools you need for automotive surface finishing is difficult since this is a nuanced job. We’ve listed some of the most helpful tools below so you can find and start offering finishing services at your automotive shop.

Electric Paint Remover

You may need to remove car paint for some automotive surface finishing jobs. When you do, an electric paint remover makes the process easy. This tool is powerful and can cut hours out of your work. However, it is larger than traditional handheld paint-removing tools like wire brushes. The larger size can make it more difficult to maneuver and nearly impossible to use on small items. If you need to remove paint from a large section of an automotive vehicle, such as the roof, this tool is a godsend.

Electric Sander

Many people try to remove paint with an electric sander. However, this is not the intended use, and you can quickly clog your sandpaper belt. Use the electric paint remover to primarily remove the paint, then use an electric sander on the bare automotive surface. The sander will remove any leftover paint and ensure you have an even surface for the finishing process.

Hand Tools

There are various reasons for automotive surface finishing. One reason is dents in the body of the vehicle. The best way to repair this dent for a smooth finishing process is with hand tools, such as a mallet. You may also need other hand tools, like a file and pneumatic pick hammer, to create an ideal automotive surface.

Vibratory Finishing Machine

The electric sander we mentioned above will help you create a smooth finish on large parts of the automotive surface. How can you create the same finish on small parts? A vibratory finishing machine is the answer. You can place small automotive parts and tools into a vibratory finishing machine. The machine uses an abrasive media to grind down the surface of whatever items you place in it. It cleans, deburrs, and polishes them, making it an ideal part of the finishing process.

The tools you need for automotive surface finishing range from small hand tools to larger vibratory finishing machines. Each tool plays an important role in the finishing process. If you need a metal polishing tumbler machine for your car shop, AccuBrass can help you choose the best option.

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