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What Are Vibratory Tumbler Bowls and What Are They Used For

Posted by Bill Wright on

What Are Vibratory Tumbler Bowls and What Are They Used For

If you are familiar with rock tumblers, then you are already one step closer to understanding what vibratory tumbler bowls are and what they are used for. A rock tumbler is a mechanism that literally tumbles with rocks, polishing oil, and a certain type of media, all to get a perfect shine and finish on the stones. Vibratory tumbler bowls work in a similar fashion yet for different reasons, which we will expand on further.

What It Is

A vibratory tumbler bowl is an incredibly handy device many industrial companies use to mass-finish their products. Rather than physically tumbling, the bowl will vibrate to produce the desired finish, which is usually to deburr, clean, descale or polish the piece. However, you must place a certain type of material called media to rub against the pieces as the bowl vibrates, usually with a lubricant added as well. Now that you know what a vibratory tumbler is, we can get into what they are used for.

Vibratory vs. Rotary

Industrial companies will use a vibratory tumbler over a rotary one because a rotary is more abrasive and will give the pieces a rather smooth and round shape. However, a vibratory tumbler is more detailed and brings a polished finish to the piece without losing its natural shape. Rotary tumblers are great for rock tumbling as you want to produce a smoothened finish.

However, when working with important pieces, you do not want anything rounding it out to an unnatural shape. For example, many of these pieces are equipment parts for aerospace, medical, or firearm industries.

Why Use It

We have covered those industries that use vibratory tumblers to produce the desired finish on a piece without completely changing its original shape. However, there are other reasons why industries use these bowls as well. The main reason is that enterprises can mass produce with these bowls, which drastically maximizes business efficiency and cuts down on labor. Whether you need a Medium or Large Vibratory Tumbler Bowl, Accubrass is here to help you create more products without compromising on quality.

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