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What Are Plastic Burrs and How Do You Remove Them?

Posted by Bill Wright on

What Are Plastic Burrs and How Do You Remove Them?

When you work in the manufacturing industry, you know that everything doesn’t always run as smoothly as you'd like. Things go wrong, and machines break. It's rare for every single one of your products to come out perfect.

Consequently, you need to put efforts in place to mitigate these issues. It's not a matter of whether they'll arise; it's a matter of when. One of the common problems you may face is the presence of burrs. So what are plastic burrs, and how do you remove them?

What Are Plastic Burrs?

A burr or flash is an unnatural protrusion from your product material. Burrs can come in the form of a raised edge or leftover material that didn't come off during the production process. Burrs occur in nearly every material you work with, which includes plastic.

Burrs are quite common but can seriously interfere with your products’ quality. However, throwing out every product with a burr can result in significant financial losses. Thankfully, there are ways to remove them.

How Do You Remove Them?

Now that you know what plastic burrs are, you're likely wondering how to remove them. There are actually several ways to remove burrs from your products. The most traditional method has been manual removal. But that can affect the consistency of your products, which can become an issue in terms of quality control. Other methods include vibratory thermal, mechanical, and cryogenic deburring, to name a few.

Choose the Best Method

It's important to know that there isn’t necessarily a wrong decision when choosing the best method to deburr your products. The optimal option is the one that works with your warehouse in the most efficient way.

At Accubrass, we have vibratory deburring machines that help you remove burrs from a large number of products in a fraction of the time manual deburring would take. We’re passionate about maximizing the quality and efficiency of your manufacturing process, which is also why we have high-quality deburring equipment. Our products will boost your output and production while lowering costs.

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