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Ways To Reduce Foaming During Vibratory Tumbling

Posted by Bill Wright on

Ways To Reduce Foaming During Vibratory Tumbling

Vibratory tumbling combines an abrasive media with gravity and water to finish metal products. Foaming is a common problem during this process, but you can reduce this problem by keeping an eye on your metal products.

Try New Media

Plastic is one of the most popular abrasive media options for vibratory tumbling. However, foam production is abundant with this media. If you want to reduce foam during the vibratory tumbling process, you can try a new media. Synthetic media is a great alternative, although it wears down faster than plastic.

Flush Used Plastic Media With Water and Soap

You can flush plastic media when it’s new or after you’ve started using it. The point of flushing is to remove any residue between uses that could cause foaming. New plastic media shouldn’t have any residue, but some people prefer to flush it just in case. To flush your media, rinse it in a slurry of clean water and mild soap.

Add More Compound With New Plastic Media

You should already have some compound in your vibratory tumbler, as it controls the foam. However, new plastic media can cause more foam than you might expect. Adding compound for your first run with new plastic media can keep this foam under control. Add an extra ounce per gallon for the best results.

Change Water Frequently

Changing the water frequently is the best way to reduce foaming during vibratory tumbling. The frequency will vary depending on run times, part loads, and media type. Average users should change the water every eight hours of run time. If you’re a heavy user, you may need to change the water every four to six hours. Light users can get away with changing the water every ten to twelve hours.

Foaming is a natural part of vibratory tumbling, but reducing the foam can make the process easier. If you need a new vibratory tumbler bowl as your business navigates this process, AccuBrass can help. Our bowl tumblers come in various sizes and customizable options, so your business gets exactly what it needs to succeed.

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