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The Most Common Uses for Rotary Tumblers

Posted by Michael Wegener on

The Most Common Uses for Rotary Tumblers

The main function of a rotary tumbler is to polish down hard edges until they are soft and rounded. This polishing process occurs by the tumbler rotating your pieces with a solvent and media to help wear them down gently. When you think of a rotary tumbler, you might assume that its uses don't extend further than that of rock polishing. However, you would be wrong because there are many commons uses for rotary tumblers.

Rock Tumbling

Of course, one of the most common uses for rotary tumblers involves the popular hobby of rock tumbling. Many hobbyists find great joy and passion in discovering unpolished rocks that can reveal stunning surfaces after a quick tumble. If you are an outdoorsy person, you have likely happened upon an interesting rock with a unique design that you couldn’t see quite clearly. In that instance, you would have benefitted greatly from a rock tumbler that can smooth away the stone’s rough surface to give you a better look at the layers underneath.

Jewelry Polishing

You might find yourself surprised to learn that tumblers are also great for jewelry polishing. When jewelers work diligently on a new piece, they have to finish the job by giving the piece a polish. Some will polish their pieces by hand, but this is quite a time-consuming task that many people don’t have the time for. As such, many jewelers use tumblers to polish their jewelry, as it is more efficient and saves them vital time.

Jewelers with larger businesses will usually use vibratory tumblers, as they are generally quicker than rotary and provide a finer polish. Are you looking for vibratory deburring equipment? Accubrass has everything you need to continue your hobbies or business with optimal efficiency.

Lapidary Work

Although it is like a rock tumbling hobby, as it also deals with stones, lapidary work is more of an art. Rock tumbling simply polishes rocks to reveal a stunning surface for one's personal enjoyment. Lapidary work is the expert process of cutting, engraving, and polishing stones in order to create a wholly unique jewelry piece. Lapidarists are artists and experts in their field and are among the many professionals who use rotary tumblers to polish their stones.

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