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The Best Methods Used To Finish Metal Surfaces

Posted by Bill Wright on

The Best Methods Used To Finish Metal Surfaces

If you’re looking to finish a metal surface, there are many options from which to choose. These are the best methods used to finish metal surfaces. Learn more about each process so that you can make an educated choice when you finish your metals.

Metal Tumbling

Metal tumbling is one of the best methods used to finish metal surfaces. Tumbling uses vibrations and abrasive media to bring metal to a lustrous shine. It polishes each item perfectly. Metal tumbling is also a great call with metal objects that have tight corners, pockets, or complex geometries, as tumbling media can get into some of the tightest spaces. AccuBrass offers high-quality vibratory deburring equipment to give all your metals a beautiful shine. Invest in the right tumbler to finish your metal today!


Sanding is the process of finishing metal by rubbing it with grit. Sanding can bring metal to a matte finish with a coarser grit or even bring products to a beautiful shine with finer grits. Sanding is an excellent method for finishing metal, but it won’t work well on parts with tight corners, pockets, or complex geometries.


Sandblasting brings your metal to a finish by blasting abrasive particles at the metal with high pressure. Sandblasting can get into tight spaces and make metals stronger overall. Sandblasting can use different-sized abrasives to get matte or polished finishes for your final product. Sandblasting is an excellent option for large products, as it can cover a lot of ground.


Filing uses a file tool to rub the surface of the metal. Filing leaves the surface of metals with pronounced grooves. It can’t create a smooth polish as other finishing processes can. Still, filing is a great way to smooth out metals and can be an integral part of getting a smoother surface when combined with other finishing methods.


Grinding metal is a great way to smooth out the overall surface of your metal product. Grinding works on various metals but works best for large surfaces. It is an essential part of finishing.


Lapping is a skilled technique of finishing metal on a very refined and flat surface. Lapping is done either by machine or by experts and uses a soft iron tool and an abrasive slurry to refine the surface. Lapping is an excellent method of finishing metal if you need a flat surface.

If you’re looking to finish your metals, the professional-grade metal tumbling devices offered through AccuBrass will bring your metals to a beautiful shine in little time. Vibratory metal tumbling devices can polish your parts in less than two hours, so you’ll be able to produce high-shine items quickly. Finish your metal parts with AccuBrass today!

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