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Maintaining the Springs of Vibratory Processing Equipment

Posted by Michael Wegener on

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Vibratory finishing is a necessary part of the metalworking process; it can add a clean finish and correct any minor imperfections in the materials. But there are a number of components that go into vibratory finishing, and among those components are the springs. Maintaining the springs of vibratory processing equipment is crucial to retaining quality in construction. If left to deteriorate, these springs can significantly damage your metal vibratory tumbler bowl.

What Do the Springs Do?

In vibratory finishing, the springs facilitate increased vibrations, enhancing the strength and speed of the finishing process. The initial vibrations generated from the machine cause the springs to vibrate, which—in turn—further vibrates the bowl. The springs also serve as a method to absorb the shock of the vibrations and prevent them from harming the vibratory finishing machine as a whole.

How To Best Maintain Them

Because of the constant stress from the vibrations, springs tend to deteriorate over time. For this reason, it is necessary to regularly check the springs to ensure they retain their size, shape, and flexibility. You must also replace any spring that does not conform to the rest; allowing some to wear down will put a strain on the remaining ones, causing them all to deteriorate at an increased rate.

Regular Cleanings

You must also clean the springs from time to time. Depending on the materials used, dirt and grime can build up throughout the vibratory finisher, and the springs can be susceptible to this buildup.

Maintain the Springs, Maintain the Quality

If the springs fail, it will throw the entire machine out of order. They are a critical part of the vibratory process, and faulty springs can lead to a damaged machine and low-quality products. Know how to maintain the springs of vibratory processing machines and prevent unnecessary damage and degradation.

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