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Everything You Need to Know About Vibratory Finishing Equipment

Posted by Bill Wright on

Vibratory Finishing EquipmentThere are four elements that are significant when it comes to vibratory finishing: parts, compound solutions, media, and equipment. Vibratory finishing equipment is crucial for any job, regardless of the scale of the operation or the pieces being manufactured, deburred, and finished.

Here’s everything you need to know about vibratory finishing equipment.

Vibratory Bowls

These bowls are capable of deburring when the media is extremely dry. Additionally, these vibratory finishing machines can minimize the noise coming from the machines. Range in size from 0.25 cubic feet to 0.5 cubic feet for small bowls and 1.0 cubic feet to 10.6 cubic feet for medium and large bowls.

  • Vibra KING Bench Top Bowl
  • Combi PAKS Vibra KING
  • TLV 25, TLV 50, and TLV 75 Bench Top Vibratory Bowl
  • V-102 Recirculation System
  • V-104 Wall of Base Mount Timer
  • V-105 Complete Accessory System
  • Mini Giant (1.30 cubic feet)
  • Complete Brass Finishing System

Rotary Tumblers

These tumblers are usable for wet or dry tumbling and won't damage the media in use. Options include 1 speed, 2 speed, and variable speed; ranking in size from 22 fl. oz to 8 gallons.

  • Extreme Rebel 17 Tumbling Barrel
  • Reloading Kit
  • Deluxe Kit
  • Jewelers Starter Kit
  • Jewelers Professional Kit
  • Mini Max Rotary Tumbler
  • 2-Bar and 3-Bar Rotary Tumbler
  • TL-1,2,3,4, and 6 Tumbler Barrel

    Vibratory Finishing Tanks

    These pieces of finishing equipment are perfect for extremely large projects. You will be able to select either basic tank number finishing or one that is equipped with all the bells and whistles for more complex jobs. Range in size from 2.5 cubic feet to 8.5 cubic feet.

    • 300DB or 600DB Mr Deburr plus starter kit for aluminum parts, steel parts, and polishing.
    • High Polish and Buff Giant Finishing Wedge 5
    • Vibra KING Chambers Model 25 and Model 45

    Here are some of the trusted manufacturers that produce some of the highest quality vibratory finishing equipment items:

    • Mr Deburr
    • Extreme Rebel 17
    • Giant Finishing
    • C and M Topline
    • Burr King

    Don't settle on lackluster vibratory finishing products when you could significantly enhance performance and efficiencies with quality finishing items. If you want to learn more about stainless steel brass tumblers, powder coating, and other vibratory finishing equipment, as well as find quality vibratory finishing machines for sale, give AccuBrass a call right away.

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