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Great idea for moving equipment

Posted by Bill Wright on

Article from: 01/18/2016, "FREE Articles for Success!" series, Written by Bill Wright


I found a really good idea. Some equipment needs to be bolted down to the foundation. Problem is, your business changes from year to year. If you add a new piece of equipment or just need to improve your shop’s flow, sometimes you need to move a piece of equipment. Maybe you’re just tired of running your knee into something. Any long term company, has gone through this. Shoot, sometimes, just as soon as you bolt it down, you figure out you messed it up.

This guy found a solution. Pour a foundation, that’s forklift movable.


mr deburr mounted to movable concrete base

Picture from Practical Machinist thread


He poured a concrete base that’s 1,600 lbs and bolted his Mr Deburr to it. To easily move it around, it has forklift pockets. He sat the base on some ¼” neoprene pads, just to save the surface underneath it. He said the block vibrates very slightly, to the touch. Just like an electric motor is running somewhere near. He says it seems like it’s going to work pretty well.


Here's a movie of the tub with the parts in it. Parts are about 8 x 7 inches for reference.


This is an awesome idea and I applaud him for his drive to find a solution to his problem.


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