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5 Tips for Tumbling With Stainless Steel Media

Posted by Michael Wegener on

5 Tips for Tumbling With Stainless Steel Media

Stainless steel is a great form of tumbling media for burnishing and polishing other metals, but how do you use it properly? These tips for tumbling with stainless steel media will get you tumbling the right way. Get your metal to shine brilliantly with this great tumbling media.

The Case for Stainless

Stainless steel can be a great tumbling media for a variety of metals. It tumbles metals faster and gives them a lustrous shine. Metals polished with stainless steel are less likely to rust or collect iron as they will be less porous than metals polished using other types of tumbling media. Stainless is a great way to finish your metals beautifully.

Consider Size

When selecting tumbling media, size matters. Choosing the right size medium can make or break your finishing process. Select the right size medium that can get into the nooks and crannies of your device without creating small holes in your final product. Choose the appropriate size for your items.

Consider Shape

Different shapes in stainless steel media have different purposes. While spherical shapes are generally a safe bet for tumbling media, spheres can’t reach inside items with complex geometries. If you have a part with complex geometry, cone or pin shapes may be a better fit for your product. Select the right shape of stainless steel media to get your parts shining.

Don’t Overload Your Tumbler

Overloading your tumbler can lead to serious damage and decrease the tumbler’s lifespan over time, so it’s important not to exceed its capacity. Get a high-quality tumbler and never overload it to avoid unnecessary wear and tear.

Select a Good Cleaning Agent

Selecting a good cleaning agent for your tumbler will help give your metals a better shine. Find the right cleaning agent for the type of metal you are using and you’ll have a high-quality product when you’re done.

Get Tumbling

The best way to learn how to tumble is to practice. Some learning comes easier with experience. Select the stainless steel media and cleaning agents of your choice and find out what works best for you and your metal tumbling needs. AccuBrass has high-quality vibratory finishing machines available for purchase now. Get yourself a durable machine from AccuBrass and create beautiful metal products today!

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