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5 Tips for Improving Performance in Your Vibratory Feeder

Posted by David Birkhead on

5 Tips for Improving Performance in Your Vibratory Feeder

When it comes to your vibratory feeder, you want to make sure it’s in good working order. These tips for improving performance in your vibratory feeder will have your machine working at its best.

Test New Equipment

When you get a new vibratory feeder, manufacturers will often help test your equipment. Have the manufacturer test a sample component to be sure that your equipment is working properly. A manufacturer will be happy to take the extra time to help set you up for success.

Set the Air Gap

Setting the gap between the machine’s coil and magnet is critical for the performance of your vibratory feeder. If the gap is too small, your vibratory feeder will make a lot of noise as it processes your parts. If it is too large, the coil may overheat and can even fail. Check and maintain the air gap according to your manufacturer's instructions. If your gap needs changing, make sure that when you reset it, the pole faces are as close as possible without striking to generate the correct power.

Tune the Bowl Feeder

Your vibratory feeder needs tuning to ensure that it performs to the best of its ability. Depending on the speed of your bowl feeder when you perform the tuning process, you will either add or remove springs. Tuning your bowl feeder is one of the best tips for improving performance in your vibratory feeder. Ensure your feeder is properly tuned to keep it performing at its best.

Use a Storage Hopper

Installing a storage hopper is a great way to prep parts for the vibratory feeder process. Installing a storage hopper will help ensure the right number of parts distribute into the vibratory feeder every time. This will help you keep your feeder properly filled.

Abide by the Appropriate Fill Level

If your vibratory feeder is over or under filled, it can’t do its job correctly. Be certain to fill your vibratory feeder to the proper level so that your machine can work. Never overfill or underfill your vibratory feeder.

Now that you know how to properly use your vibratory feeder, your parts should be ready for finishing in medium and large vibratory bowl tumblers. Finish your parts with a lustrous shine by choosing AccuBrass tumblers for all your finishing needs.

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