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5 Reason You Need a Vibratory Finishing Machine

Posted by Michael Wegener on

5 Reason You Need a Vibratory Finishing Machine

There are several different methods to finishing your metal pieces, each with its unique advantages and disadvantages. Among the most convenient and popular methods in this finishing process is using vibratory finishing machines. The reasons why you need a vibratory finishing machine are numerous, including ease of use, cost-efficiency, and versatility.

Decreases Processing Time

Utilizing vibratory finishing machines can speed up the final stages of metal fabrication. Traditionally, fabrication shops employ manual methods or handheld devices, which can take longer to get the polish you need. Vibratory machines can accomplish the same—and even greater—levels of polish in less time than doing it by hand.

Handling of Materials

While vibratory machines apply enough force to polish metal pieces, there is a very low probability of them causing damage to the materials. Due to the design of vibratory machines, materials move in a circular motion and are delicately handled as they are finished. While there is still a chance of damage, the risks are no greater than if you were to do this process by hand.


With any business, uniformity of quality is ideal, and vibratory machines can give your pieces that standardized quality throughout your selection. You will not have to worry about some pieces being lower grade than others or concern yourself with dissatisfied customers; vibratory machines can produce the same quality throughout different batches.

Mass Finishing

Vibratory finishers don’t come in a single size; they can be sized to fit your needs. Investing in a giant vibratory finisher can allow you to create larger batches to keep up with the needs and demands of your customer base. You can produce materials on a mass scale to remain competitive and service a larger customer pool.

Custom Designs

Just like the size of the finishing machine, you can customize multiple components on your finisher to suit your needs and the materials you’re working with. These customizable aspects can determine the level of polish, can be adjusted to the size and shape of the media, and the machines can be sized up or down depending on the space you have in your fabrication shop.

Know What Your Needs Are

Every shop will have different factors and considerations that dictate what equipment they need. The reasons for your shop to own a vibratory finisher may be different according to your client’s demands, what products you have to offer, or how much space you have available. Be aware of what your limitations are and how your metal pieces can benefit from the inclusion of vibratory finishing.

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